Voelken_IMGP5779Health education means to us, to help the children become aware of their body, by attention to hygiene, a healthy diet, adequate exercise and relaxation.


We place great importance on eating together. Cooking is done in the Sonnenstrahl kitchen which is in Völkendorf – with the highest quality standards and preparation. The children have the opportunity to get to know different tastes and to train their ability to enjoy different foods. Eating lunch and the snacks together is ritual orientated for the children.




All healthy children have a natural urge to move and a tireless motivation to obtain new motor skill challenges.


We want to maintain and continue this natural joy and need for movement while promoting conscious and purposeful activities. We give them the necessary space, a stimulating environment and time for exercise.




ReHOMEPAGE FOTOS 898laxation

Not only is movement important for children‘s development, but also relaxation. Especially in a fast paced time like the present, we want various experiences, such as fantasy travel, percussion stories, relaxation exercises, rest periods, etc., to counteract overstimulation.

Toilet training (1-3 years)

The toilet training process should begin at home. The carers will support the children so that they feel secure and confident without a nappy.