Forest day and the natural garden are places for movement, learning and experimentation:

On our forest days and in our naturally designed garden, the children have the opportunity to move freely, learn with all of their senses and to experiment. We want our children to experience nature through smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting,  touching with all the senses.

On our forest days we want to experience the forest as the seasons change and make new discoveries. Forest education wants to arouse personal sensations, provoke astonishment and increase interest in nature. Since there are no pre-made toys, children must choose from the materials around them that meet their current needs and wants. Balancing activities on tree trunks, climbing hills, walking carefully on soft moss and walking on uneven ground add to the training of motor functions.



Our garden offers:

  • Diverse animal and plant life
  • A berry corner for snacking, a fragrant herb garden, a vegetable garden
  • A diverse variety of birds and insects, which can be observed and understood
  • Various materials such as water, wood, stones, sand, etc. can be collected for various sensory and scientific experiences
  • Shrubs and a willow arch offer possibilities for retreat;hills and trenches help improve their motor skills
  • Mud areas